what do you do when your 6 year old decides purple isn't her favorite color anymore 2 days before you start painting her walls a smokey lavender?

instead choosing green as her favorite color?




well if you're me you fashion a mood board real quick like the wing-ed owls of ga'hoole..

the right green is key.

i am scared i will fuck this part up royally.

it needs to be grassy with a side of mint, but not too pale.

i want it to pack some punch.  but a muddy, subtle punch.



those pagoda-ish side tables are getting gotten on sunday for the earth-shattering low price of $45.

the headboard for $75.

painting will commence thursday....


 as for your design turd recap-

well that is NOT coming on the wing-ed owls of ga'hoole.

more like the slow trot of a lame cathy horse.

school starts tomorrow and i have a lot of last minute stuff to do.

most of it will involve hugging my soon to be 1st grader.


look for your recap on wednesday.


word to your turd bird nerd curd,