lonny delights

 the whole thing was ass kicking..

but this was my favorite:

love love love love love love love love love




so creamy!

even though i would run faster than madonna from hydrangeas to snatch those wordy crown pillows off that couch and burn them to the ground.




thank you a lot for all the advice yesterday.

some really good stuff in there.

i am for sure going to paint the inside black and lady meares has sold me on a screen.

but i might actually give the painted logs a try since i have so many MFing logs.

why not right?

i will totes take pictures for you and then punch myself in the face for saying "totes".


and lastly..

i have something awesome to share with you and i cannot share it with you yet.




go read lonny if u haven't. 

p.s. for even more of the home above go here