globes review


not so much:













pocahontas bandaid.


it's hard to focus on the dress with that strange orange glow raping my eyes.




with your body THAT's what you wear??



i much?

he, on the other hand, looks outstanding. 










you don't fool me with that tennis dress disguised as fancy. 



blah blah. she always looks the same.

put your hair down and wear something that doesn't look like a princess. threw up on you.



ba ba ba ba ba ba bah bah bah..bah bah baa ba bah!!

(dancing with the stars theme)



face!  face!!!!  FACE!!!!!!!!!

penis arms!  PENIS ARMS!!!

( i would kill for those penis arms)



temple grandin won again!



 what. the. fuck. 



this dress sucks a million madonna arms. 



brussels sprout.



it's a turtleneck, yo!





grace skellyton.

julie bones. 



hey grammaw!






sleeping bag.



oh hey other grammaw!



"my 2 yo picked out this dress!!"




heeyyy girl,  what'cha doin?

heeeyyy girl,  where ya' goin?

"oh just goin to get some mutton chops cut onto my face."




riding the fence:


it's a lot going, dress...but she looks beautiful.

maybe if she had her hair up, with some loose waves around her face it would have been better.



i mean she's certainly stunning, but i would have rather seen her in something edgier, and with more color.

and i HATE headbands!!!

they are so juvenile.




this sort of makes her body look weird but i LOVE the color of those earrings with it!!



hmm...on the one hand she looks so fresh and fancy-free!

on the other hand she looks like she just rolled out of bed.

and it doesn't fit so good.

and stop smiling so much!!  it's not that awesome!






she always does the structured look really well but her torso looks mega long in this dress.

and i thought the make-up was too strong.






it's young, it's sexy and girly and she looks beautiful. 

the belt is cool.



totally age appropriate but still sexy.






she looks 10 feet tall and she's like 3'4.

totally glamorous and beautiful.



pretty much perfect across the board.

she gets it.



bitch please.

you wish you were this cool.



girl can rock a fish tail.

also this is what i look like in dresses.



best dressed??


salma's boobs.



best dressed dude?



as mike left for work this morning he says,

"i'll leave you alone to do whatever you will do with your ewan macgreggor pictures".



yeah, like rub my scent on them!





 downton recap tomorrow.