more carpet things.

first off..

good talk yesterday.

it would seem that a few of you love the ikea tarnby rug.

saying that it's softer than most sisal/sea grass options.

and at $99 for a 5 x 8, not a bad price.


the majority of you agree that carpet is nasty bc of how dirty it gets.

and that something so permanent can't be good.


some of you like flor carpet tiles but say they are not cushy.

and since what i am after is cushy they aren't an option for fiona's room.

neither is the tarnby FYI.

but i would consider it for my dining room.


many of you would sell your soul to the devil for some stark antelope.

i concur.


though i did find, thanks to you all, that here in atlanta there is a place called myers carpet and apparently karastan (sold widely) has an antelope carpet..

$5.85 sq ft.

AND it can be bound to make an area rug.


how does it differ in price from the stark, i wonder?



almost everyone agreed that a carpet remnant bound at the edges with a super squishy pad underneath is the best idea for obtaining the look/feel that i want in fiona's room,

and when the time comes i am pretty sure that's the direction i will go.


so yeah.

good talk.


in other news...




have an awesome weekend.