when your poop looks like seashells it must mean something awesome, right?

i desperately wanted to take a picture of my nautically formed  turds this morning but that would be going too far..

even for me.

but rest assured it looked like this..only brown:





poop is soooo fascinating.



it's thursday but it feels like friday and it's 70 degress outside.

and i had crazy dreams last night.

anyone else?

where is this post going?

nowhere, and fast.



i was going to post fiona's room progress today but it's too dark to take pictures of stuff.


instead i'll show you 2 new commissions.


this one:


and this one:


cameras don't do paintings justice.

they really don't.

these are so much more vibrant in real life.

either that or i am terrible at taking pictures.



also, i bought some paper for which to paint on.

several sheets of 18 x 24, linen finish paper.


they will be less expensive than a canvas and a LOT easier to ship.

so stay tuned for that.



have an awesome thursday that feels like acid.

or whippets with demi.