living inside downton abbey

i will say this again..

if you don't watch this show you are missing out on some really entertaining shit.

one day during a particualrly bleak february, my little cat harry had just died and i was sicker than donkey balls.

i was laying in bed with my computer and i was told by someone (sorry if i forgot who you could have been several people...i was feverish) that i should be watching this show.

i watched it over 2 days.

i lived for it.

 it pulled me back up from the darkness of malariafluebolasads.


now, finally, season 2 is airing this sunday in the US.


last month they re-aired season 1 and i demanded that mike watch it.

i knew he would love it.

and he did.


so now we are both nerdily excited over it.


i have never steered you wrong in the TV department before and i don't aim to start.

so watch it..start with season 1 though or you will be sort of lost. i know that design sponge does a column called 'living in' and this is my version/homage/rip off of that column.


i believe there is no real purpose for this column other than the possibility that you can buy some shit to make your house and body look like a character from said movie/tv show.


but it's still extremely enjoyable to look at..

plus it combines my love of moodboard making and TV/movies.

win win.



here you go-

my version of living inSIDE™ downton abbey..




top hat/art/paint/jacket/table/pillows- 1 & 2/jars/shoes/sofa 



paint/blouse/hair clip/wallpaper/

sconce/vintage velvet wingchair/vase/ladies desk/





wallpaper/tea/kentfield blazer/chinoiserie plate/silver tea set/plaid jacket/

lamp/umbrella ella ella/boots




sconce/banister brush/ouija board/paint 1 & 2/

parlor maid's helper sliver polish/candleholders/runner/




paint/copper cookware/rabbit platter/

copper molds/tea towels/apron/




you're welcome friends of downton.