downton can help.

last night i was fully content on recording downton and watching it tonight.

but then as i was sitting on the couch at 9:00 watching season 1, episode 4...knowing it was on another channel

i switched over and started watching...and would have continued until the end but mike was like..

gonna have to turn it off bc i'm about to fall asleep.



so anyway..

we watched the first hour..and boy was it good.

so no spoilers from you fartknockers!!!

we will finish up tonight and i will recap the nuts out of it tomorrow.


in the meantime watch the real owner of downton abbey aka highclere castle talk about what it's like to 'collect 'round the fyuh in the winter evenings to play quiz games and sha-rrods'...



edwardian farts,

thanks dad for the link.