battle of the bedrooms



i am obviously obsessed with lots of pattern these days.


many of you professed your hatred of the matching outside mounted window shades in bedroom #1.

i will tell you this..

TO ME...that is part of what keeps the room looking modern.

i will tell you this also too in addition...

the room is way better looking in the magazine (nov. house beautiful) than in this dinky picture.


bedroom pretty fucking amazing too though.

perhaps even more amazing in that it's like a blue majestic work of art.

if you follow me you know i poop golden nuggets over that wallpaper.

but THAT wallpaper with THAT floor is too good.

and don't get me started on that fancy lady antique chest.

and the tiny little square mini table in front of it.


and the bed and the pale blue desk?

i can't.'s what i also know without a doubt.

i would get real tired of the blue bedroom a lot quicker than the creamy bird bedroom.





p.s. if you have to buy one magazine this month make it house beautiful.

the nov issue is ridiculously good.

the nov issue of elle decor (apart from the alex papachristidis lair) is not.