this is a post about a can opener. a can opener that will change your life.

 i admit a post about a can opener is about as exciting as a post about pouring paint into a jar.

unless you need a can opener.  or a jar of paint.

but after years of searches for can openers that don't fucking suck i finally found the one can opener that rules them all....

it is the kuhn rikon safety can opener....

i have gone through a lot of can openers.

i refuse to own an electric can opener bc they are dumb and lazy and that shit gets nasty and you know no one ever washes that shit properly.

all the other manual can openers rust and stop working after a while and i hate them all.

this one doesn't open the TOP part of the removes the lid from the outside rim of the can.

in other words it never touches the inside of the never touches the food!!  

which means it never needs washing and it will never rust.

i admit it took me a few tries to get it, but now i look forward to tuna fish and am sad when the tuna cans are pop top lids.


also it is a phone...




just kidding it's not a phone. 



it's a moustache..




no one needs to tell me about their favorite can opener because i have tried it already and it sucks.



you're welcome internet.


p.s. i wrote a stellar review of the can opener here