information monday


i have a tendency to diarrhea information all in one post on mondays.

it's just that i have been away for 2 whole days and in that time i discover things about myself that i didn't know...




someone has a marshmallow addiction..


yes and that someone is me.


and here's the crazy all of my years i never even CARED about marshmallows.


i thought they were dumb.



fyi that is too burnt for me. i like them to be a soft beige color with NO char. and only a tiny bit warm in the center.  i now have marshmallow standards. and yes, i ate it anyway.


we have been building fires almost every weekend in the back yard.

it's fun.

we just sit around and burn shit.


"hey what about this old chair?"

"yes! throw it in the fire!!!!"


and you can't have an outdoor fire without roasting..toasting? marshmallows!!


and you might be saying to yourself...

a marshmallow is a marshmallow.

but you would be wrong!


have you tried these?

they are amazing.


i think the key here is vanilla. 

they are so vanilla-y.

and soft. like clouds.


they are just really good.


i have heard some people make their own but that's like making your own puff pastry.

why would you when there is delicious perfect puff pastry that costs 11 dollars at whole foods?


so yeah, these marshmallows are not the cheapest marshmallows and that is not good for my addiciton but they are worth it.


 you can get them here.

and if you don't have a fire pit in your yard you can also make them on a gas stove.

or with a blow torch.

i have done both. 


ok moving on...


i can't stop thinking about this apartment featured on nuevo estilo...





a couple of things here intrigue me..

1.  i can't get over how the whole place seems so considered and so thrown together.

it's totally freaking me out!!!

like...hey girl...did you mean to paint those walls barf beige?   or were they already barf beige and you just worked with it and added some bright blue to offset but also play off the barf beige and then throw down some sunny caramel leather to contrast so amazingly with the blue but then also appear to be barf beige's happier cousin thus making it all work together so amazingly?!

 so that now

2. i am considering painting my living room barf beige?!

only a high gloss barf beige.

but then finding a BLACK leather sofa worn to perfection and throwing down some blue parsons side tables and some cut glass lamps with sunny yellow lampshades and a caramel leather side chair, a beni rug, some big blue photograph and a chrome and marble coffee table?



and then this happened:


p.s. this is not my living room.  i am sitting in my living room.  this is the keeping room/entry.


it needs styling but i am torn between a ton of frames and family photos or a big mirror and my coral collection.

i have no frames or a big mirror.


so there's that.