it's just logic people.

some women are jewelry people.

i am not.

in fact all of my jewelry comes from the clearance bin at target.

which means it's plastic or wood.

don't get me wrong, i've bought some cute jewelry at target.

but i have never bought fancy jewelry nor have i received fancy jewelry, apart from my engagement ring.

i'm cool with it bc i probably wouldn't wear it anyway.

jewelry is fussy and not comfortable, so no complaints.




i think that affords me a leather sofa.



i mean a leather sofa is one, really fancy ring.

or one fancy necklace.

or a SUPER fancy watch.

or a thousand bags of fancy marshmallows.






 the leather delusion continues....







one thing i have discovered since this leather chicanery began..

at one time i thought no way could you have a room with more than one, maybe 2 pieces of leather...tops.


but i was wrong about that..



i DO think however that the room needs to be sizeable.


which means my living room could not handle the heaviness of more than one piece of leather.



it's a brass and leather klismos chair.

which i am also accepting in lieu of jewelry.









i would not turn down any color leather sofa if it were the right shape and size.

but if i could CHOOSE a would be black.

buttery soft, faded to a soft silver in



or this one in black...

don't get me wrong..this color is very nice.

but i just think black is better (that's what she said).

i think you can do more with black (that's what he said).

i think it can go many many whims of your decor flightiness.

but i'd TAKE any color and make it work.

such is the mindset of a craigslist shopper.

this one will do nicely too with it's PERFECT black leather condition.

that means i can age it myself.  with spills and cat pee and kid vomit.


i'll take it with this coffee table..



this rug..

and this mirror...



that's a good start.


and christmas is coming and just before that is my birthday.

so many opportunities for you to practice good logic.