for when you need to feel better fast...


yesterday i woke up feeling like i was dying.

not in a cold/flu way...but in an adrenalin hangover way.

working for 13 hours straight on very little sleep the night before really did a number on me.

truthfully i guess anytime you do something new that is physically and mentally demanding, you're going to feel it.  

i suppose if i worked on a set like this all the time i would be used to it.

but as it is, yesterday i had a lot to do and i needed protein and vegetables and tea.

protein bc my brain was tapped out and vegetables bc i needed extra vitamins and minerals and tea bc i needed a boost to my immune system.


this concoction made a WORLD of difference.

yes, i was still tired and really just needed 8 hours of hard, deep sleep.

but this helped get me through the day.


i went to the grocery store first thing in the morning (so. hard.)

and spent 3 bucks and some change on a piece of beautiful, glossy salmon..


i came home and marinated it in a bit of tamari (wheat free soy sauce) and mirin (japanese rice wine), for about 15 minutes on the counter.


i roasted it in the oven for about 12 minutes @ 400 degrees and let it rest for 3 minutes.

this will vary from oven to oven.

just don't overcook it.

it should be slightly wet in the center (that's what he said) and still bright coral.

it will set as it rests.





i chopped up 2 heads of bok choy and sauteed it in a little bit of coconut oil..


and see that stuff in the background called eden shake?

you'll need to know about that too.


after a few minutes of sauteeing in the oil add 3 tablespoons of tamari and put a lid on it for about 5 minutes on med. heat.

after 5 minutes take the lid off and let some of the liquid evaporate.

take off the heat.

then stir in 2 chopped scallions. 

scallions are very vitamin and mineral rich and therefore, restorative.


pour the greens into a bowl and top it with your salmon.

sprinkle a teaspoon of eden shake, which is a mixture of black and white sesame seeds, shiso leaf, seaweed and sea salt over the top. 


then eat the whole yummy bowl.


another MUST for feeling like a dick sandwich is the kind diet's cure all tea.


you will need kukicha tea

and umeboshi plums.

the recipe calls for shoyu but i don't use it. 

you probably should though.


umeboshi plums are expensive but during cold and flu season i am not without them.

i figure they can either shorten the duration of an existing illness or prevent an illness from starting..

so that is worth the price to me.


read about their health benefits here.



recap soon.