mondays. satan's favorite.

it's is presently 7:36 in the morning.

you know those mornings when you're lying in bed just after the alarm has gone off and you can hear your body talking to you like you're a prisoner, i.e. it's bitch. 

essentially you feel like you are getting shanked, on back door parole, dancing on the blacktop.

you can google those prison terms if you want.


here's what happened this weekend..

i went to a pumpkin carving party on saturday and did this..



yeah. basically nothing.


but i put on lipstick to counterbalance the superlesbian sweatshirt i was wearing..

also it's normal to wear biker boots, a men's (or lesbian's) sweatshirt with a pencil skirt..right?

and double normal to wear it to a pumpkin carving party, right?

 p.s. i love lesbians.


after the party we came home and did more nothing.


only to wake up on sunday to do some more nothing.


not sure why i am so tired.


probably because nothing + nothing = nothing.



here's what did NOT happen this weekend.


i still have not watched AHS episode 2.

i KNOW!!


it's not on TV yet and mike and i were waiting to watch it together.


once i do watch it i promise a recap of some kind.

but a full recap probably won't happen. 


 don't hate.



instead watch me do push-ups like a man lesbian. 

prob the REAL reason i am so tired..