man, i am lucky.



i don't know what to say other than thank you.

i am still reading through all the emails and comments.

i appreciate each and every one of your stories and i will respond to all of your emails.


i have learned a lot in the past 24 hours...about science and about myself.

and that i am not alone.

not that i thought i was...but it helps to have contact with people who are going through the same shit as me.

like a true blessing.



here's what i am going to do.

1. go to a proper who can help me understand all of this stuff.

2. read a lot of books thanks to your suggestions.

3. SHARE those books with you.


the truth is before yesterday i didn't really realize just how long i have been unbalanced...

i am still trying to wrap my head around taking drugs.

but i am also trying to be more flexible with my beliefs.

which is why i think it's imperative that i find a good doctor.

which brings me to favor #8 million..


does anyone out there know of a good psychiatrist...cognitive therapist...therapist in the atlanta area?


thank you my peoples.



forever farty and grateful,