good luck selling your dumb toaster oven.

you know who buys toaster ovens?

college students.



please stop.

just stop.



need. gloves.

(and coat and hair)



i think we will see a different aviva next season.

a medicated one.



for all her faults she certainly picked the right guy.

even if he does cheat on her and i am not saying he does*....he comes to her defense like a man should.

no matter if she's right or wrong.



*sexual tension much?





before i said luann was trying to have a baby to keep jacqueschwimmer.

now i think it's to stay on the show.

homegirl's not crazy enough to be interesting.


let's face it..

if you're not fighting with someone...what good are you?


this whole season was a series of one fight after another.

it's like i saw it with my smart eyes for the first time.


we are tuning in every week to watch grown women fight.


i just don't know if i can do it anymore.


it's disrupting my everything.