happy columbus day.


here's what i think about columbus day..

it's dumb.


unless you're a kid...

then it makes monday, sunday part 2.


speaking of sunday..


around here it was glorious!


i took a picture of a tree.

this tree is in our backyard and it's huge and bc i am anxiety girl i am always afeared it will fall over on my kid.

that's normal, right?



a fire was built and 38 marshmallows were eaten.

maybe by one person.

also normal, right?



we were outside most of the day bc the weather was perfection.

cool and crisp. 

even if our backyard is straight up sanford and son.





i stripped one of the nightstands and the grain is really pretty so i THINK i MIGHT do this:





 this is our weather for the week...



agreeable, yes?




anxiety updates.