our obviously drunk halloween



i don't even know what this is. 


i mean, it's my husband in a wig.

with a beer and a coozy..

but what is it, really?



and there's nothing hotter and more child-friendly than a cross-eyed mime with a glass of wine.

(p.s. that house is for sale so you should buy it and be my neighbor and then you too can be a part of all this.)


but before i was a potential child molester,  i got these girls ready...


there were winx fairy nails...


and winx fairy makeup...


fiona's bff, kate, was 'bloom'...


and fiona was 'stella'..



and yes, i killed the make-up portion of the program.



i can't even with the panty hose wig cap.

i kept telling her to pull the wig down in front.





kate is giving it here, fiona is mesmerized.

i am confusing mime with robot.



don't tell your husband (who works a camera for a living btw) to take pictures after his 10th beer.







she moved.

several pants were pooped.


this house had a goddamn baby on the porch...a REAL baby...giving away candy (i.e. sucking on the wrapped pieces before holding them out to the trick or treaters. gross) and she damn near got stepped on by 4 kids while we were up there. 

i am sure that baby is dead.

look at our faces.

they say.."the fuck?"




most of the pictures looked like this from this point on..


but this house is super cute..


a little better.



this is the part of our neighborhood that gets hectic.

i think there are like 3200 trick or treaters to this area?

it's ridiculous.



this guy with the chainsaw?




the girls came back to fiona's room and played.

had no time for their candy.

just wanted to play.






those eyelashes.

she's everything.