just some things about some stuff (aka information monday)


hey georgians..

this week on your TV look for my georgia lottery commercial.

i do not know what channel it will be on so just watch all the channels.

 i'm sure it will play on lots of channels anyway.


it will look vaguely like this:

 also listen to all the radio stations bc i did the voice over version too.

which was the quickest money i've ever made in my life, btw.

except for that time when i was a hooker for 5 minutes.




yesterday fiona and i watched arthur christmas.

i loved it.

it has officially been added to my season must sees.



also worth your eyeball time.. 


pbs's call the midwife.

it is the opposite of american horror story.

it's sweet, heartwarming and funny.

your husband will hate it. 


it's officially over but you can watch all the episodes here





fact of the week...if you drop nutella on your robe and look at it later it could appear to be poop.

but it's probably nutella, right?


speaking of nutella..

i have every intention of making these today..

nutella stuffed browned butter chocolate chip cookies with sea salt.



or maybe i'll just watch arthur christmas again.

i liked it a lot.


and finally..


name one thing in this scenario that isn't perfect.

more here.




 i am receiving a copy of the commercial at some point i'm just not sure when..

when i do i will post it. 




here's some more of my genius commercial work.

and here.

and yes, i am plumper...i believe i had just squeezed fiona out.



you are all so informed now!!