build a better bathroom

yesterday i toured 2 homes for sale in my area.

one needed a complete renovation.

the other was supposedly "move in ready"..

and for all intents and purposes it was.

but it was real fucking ugly.


this happens all the time.

the homeowner does a cheap remodel (though i am aware that no remodel is's just money NOT well spent), with the intention that the new homeowner will feel that all they have to do is plop down their furniture and call it a day.


and in theory that is awesome.


but in reality you have to deal with someone else's hideous taste and then try to convince your husband who doesn't care what something looks like to rip out that brand new sink and tile in the master bath, hall bath and more than likely kitchen...for something that doesn't make you cry. 


in truth the kitchen wasn't terrible...just needed a different color on the walls and cabinets and to change out some hardware and fixtures (lights, ceiling fan..etc)

easy.  and fun, really. 


but the bathrooms. 


everything just so generic and builder grade..

espresso, beige, pocked tiles with decorative edges, brushed stainless everything...stab stab stab.


i am also aware that to so many people those finishes are "designer" and "beautiful". 


but what i wanna know is when did beige and espresso become beautiful?

sure, beige CAN be beautiful...but NEVER when we are talking about tile.

beige tile is wrong.



that sink in fact was the very sink i looked at yesterday in one of the "gorgeously remodeled bathrooms".


coming in at a whopping $199 at home depot.

yes, that's cheap.

and it looks it.



here are some bathrooms that i wouldn't need to change and would, in fact, be thrilled about and more apt to buy the house they were in BECAUSE OF them.


i chose these specifically for their simplicity, in other words they don't scream custom or designer or something you couldn't pull off yourself.


this one was done by bailey of peppermint bliss.

now granted she is a designer but this look is easy to achieve yourself and you can get just about everything in this bathroom at home depot.



i am a huge advocate of furniture in the bathroom.

no, marble is not an affordable option for most people.

but subway tiles are and so are hex tiles.

all available at home depot.


it is my thinking that white subway tiles should be the new beige tiles for all bathroom remodels when you aren't a designer or when you don't know anything about design and are on a tight budget.

and really, all the more reason to hire a designer.

a designer will save you money in the long run.




i am not a fan of vessel sinks usually but they are mostly inexpensive and look best paired with a piece of furniture that you transform into a sink.

red may not be for everyone, but tell me you wouldn't be psyched to find that as your hall bath instead of this:




this set up is common in so many bathrooms.  

big vanity, big mirror..

this one is obviously custom but you can paint an existing vanity in good condition, add fancy hardware

and splurge on the lighting and faucets.


bead board is cheap when it's sold as a sheet.

and hanging it horizontally reads less country to me.

that table is super basic and could be found on craigslist for next to nothing.

this bathroom looks to me like it was done on a VERY limited budget.

but it's so simple and understated that it looks a lot more expensive than it is. 



this looks like it could be an outdoor type situation..

but in any case it looks like they did little to the existing vintage space.

just replaced the tile and added a cute little pine dresser.

i love when a vintage home still has it's charm.

don't take away the charm people!!

it's important to note that the tile still FEELS vintage.

imagine if they put a bunch of that beige shit in here.



those tiles are one of my favorites. (available at home depot)

and that's a basic pedestal sink, an old table and some beadboard.

the tub is a luxury.



i know those sinks are expensive and it's not the end all be all of sinks..

you could easily have a simple vanity painted white or a coordinating color and it would all still be good.

the tiles, the get the idea.

the tub surround is a good way to give a high end custom look without a lot of cost.




subway tile with pale gray grout is a win.

and the shower door is practically invisible.  

thank you.

 that rug adds just the right amount of pizzaz.




 (splurge on the marble and faucet- paint a builder grade cabinet)



oh i hear you.

"wallpaper is a tough re-sell jenny..don't be a stupid!"

while in theory that might be true..

you'd be lying if you didn't walk into this bathroom and think it was great.

even wallpaper haters.


let's not forget the point here.

the point is that bathroom with the wallpaper

vs. this..


p.s. that bathroom with the wallpaper has beige floor tiles.

but who noticed that with the pretty wallpaper everywhere?



so let's recap..

stay away from beige tiles.

i get that you think it will hide dirt.

but to me that is super gross.

i want to see the dirt so that i can clean the dirt.

white bathrooms are a better choice bc they tend to feel cleaner in general and a lot more open and airy.

plus simple white tiles with a vintage (subway, penny) feel won't look dated, they'll just look charming.


remodeling a bathroom by yourself?

hire a designer.

if you want to do it yourself try to think outside the box.

incorporate furniture if you can and splurge on a beautiful faucet. 


still want to do one stop shopping at home depot?


it can be done...

but i would recommend turning a piece of furniture into a sink and then the rest be home depot..


 all of this shiz (except the vanities) is from home D..



still want a vanity from home depot?


do this:

again, all from home d.



naomi remodels bathrooms a lot and she made this for us:



here's her blog post regarding those sink vanities.



and if you live in the greater philadelphia area i suggest you call her up for a consult on your bathroom remodel.


if you live in atlanta i suggest you call me.

i may not know a thing about the act of remodeling but i can help you pick shit that isn't ugly.



i hope you enjoyed this post.

because searching for shit on home depot's website that wasn't horrible looking was not a quick endeavor.