information monday

hey fartfarters!


welcome to monday.

may it be awesome.



what happened this weekend here at our house?

well on saturday we went out in nature.

which is always a win situation..unless you get eaten by a bear.

thankfully we did not.

here i am in my best lesbian sweatshirt.

fiona is obviously pooping her pants.


i could have fallen asleep on those rocks so easy.

it was cold but the sun was so warm.

i can see why lizards do it a lot.



mike brought his favorite purse.



if you live in georgia please go to this place.

it's sweetwater creek state park and it rules.







my art is featured in the december issue of style at home magazine along with a few other painterly folks..



a big thank you to christine at bijou and boheme for mentioning us. 



and speaking of art..

remember this GIGANTOR painting?

it ended up being too big for my client.

TOTALLY my mistake so i am selling it to you.

this mother is big.

60 x 70.

it is impossible to ship unless you are stupid rich.

the only way i can ship it is by taking it off the stretchers and mailing it in a tube.

which is pretty inexpensive.

but then you will have to have it re-stretched by a reputable canvas genius superstar stretcher.

or just a regular guy at your local art store/framer.

i am selling it for half off.

so email me if you are interested.

p.s. i am not totally finished with it so if you choose to buy it we can talk about that.

 UPDATES!  it has sold.

thank you so much for inquiring.




monday sparkles,