tv catch up


let's catch up on some important issues.


the atlanta housewives are back..

and there are 2 new ladies.


kenya "don't call me miss america" moore...

miss moore is beautiful, strong, has a sad/crazy past and is full of the charity.


and she's a big fat dick.



also new to the cast..


porsha someone.

she is the grandaughter of hosea williams.

*hosea was MLK's right hand man.

but i know him better as the street in atlanta you don't want to be on alone at night.


porsha tries too hard.  

and she's kind of a birdbrain.



between the 2 of them there is a serious amount of donkey...




i pledge allegiance to the united states of nene.


guess i better watch the new normal.



moving on..


this picture pretty much sums up this parade of assholes to a T.


taylor is giving me full on freak.


she sucks up all of the everything with her giant wormhole mouth.

if you stand within a 5 mile radius you will get sucked up too.

she is one surgery away from the joker.


and i don't give a shit about lisa and adrienne's feud.


though i did think adrienne's flower arrangement was amazing.


it was like if regular flowers all had gone to see paul for a deadly amount of botox injections and lip plumpers...


not normal.


the truth is i hate everyone on this show except brandi.

and lisa.



moving on..


million dollar assholes.

and in this instance i mean assholes in a good way.


i live for mary mcdonald.

her "i was probably drunk and didn't make it up the stairs" just sealed my love shut.  tight.


there were a few makeovers..





 i know this was a guest house and supposed to be "spa like"...

but it's just so...florida condo spec house.



i mean what the shit is this?




to me this was hgtv if hgtv had a million dollar budget.

sorry mary..i love you hard but this was not you.

is this like when a super star actor like meryl streep does a movie like santa dogs 2?


and then this..


what the fiery fuck was this martyn lawrence bullard?


just because you CAN spend 30 million decorating a house doesn't mean you SHOULD.

it's like you have no where to go but down when you are that high up.

first of all...

that whole room is a college education...a lifetime supply of food for a villiage in africa....



second of all..

black patent leather curtains are not ok.



but, i know someone who more than likely thought it was awesome...







 * hosea williams has done some real important shit and was a hero.

but there is a street named after him here in atlanta that is in a shady part of town.