information monday..only not really.

i am a lying liar.

i did no such AHS recap for you.

i probably will though.

 i mean, "baby wants colostrum" is enough to do an entire recap on. 

it's also enough to give me nightmares for life.



despite it being "information monday",  i have very little information to share.


other than i am going to try my hand at gold leafing my nightstands bc the cerusing was a joke.

they looked like something you would see in a hotel sitting under a massive pile of cocaine.

only not cocaine bc that would indicate someone had some money so let's say it was a massive pile of crank.

cut with baby aspirin.

and nightmares.

and probably colostrum then.



also i made a t shirt that pretty much sums up my thanksgiving...






back to the nightstands/bedroom..

i had debated painting them farrow and ball's babouche.

which is this color:


but then some smart decorating ladies were that's crazy talk.

but i was like this yellow color looks so good with my deep forrest-blue walls.

and they were like..

why not try gold leaf?

it will give you your yellow but in a much more awesome way.

and i was like..


gold leafing is hard.

but i'll try it.



here are the nightstands in place..


they are not cute in their wooden state.  they make my orange floors look the orangiest.



i can't seem to get a headboard in place, try as i might.

so i am going to have to settle for something i probably don't love.

unless the gods of craigslist are listening to my woes.


if you are an upholsterer and want to trade a headboard for a painting or a song and dance number then let's talk.


 mondays are dumb.