information tuesday

this time i actually do have some information to share.

granted it might not be interesting to you-

but it's information.

and information is power.


first up..




i know what 99% of you are saying.

in fact i say this to anyone who asks me if they should cut bangs..

it's this..

you will enjoy your bangs for about a week.

after that you will rue the day you cut them.



but then i saw taylor swift's bangs..



i know.

i am like 800 years older than her.

does that mean i can't have bangs?




the color is amazing too.




i actually had this hair in college.


i think that means i should avoid it.



next up..


a cleanse i approve of.


mostly i think cleanses are whack.

they are such a shock to your system that you end up losing a ton of weight and then gaining it all back and then some OR you get really really sick bc of toxin overload or all of the above.


this cleanse is more like a diet.

it's called the food lover's cleanse.

it's 14 days and its 3 meals a day with snacks in-between.

and all of the recipes are pretty easy and interchangeable if you don't like something.

AND...most's real food that the whole family can enjoy.

do it for a it for two..


i'm starting it this morning.

breakfast was a caramelized onion 2 egg omelet with toast.

it was yummy and took me about 5 minutes start to finish.

so yummy in fact that on the way to drop fiona off at school this morning we were in carline and i farted, the director came to get fiona out of the car and said.."someone had a yummy breakfast this morning!"

true story.


OH! and the recipes in the cleanse are from all bon appetit and various food blogs..which is great bc at the very least you have new sources for recipes for life in general.


go here for the cleanse details.



and last but not least...

after many many months..

we are finally watching homeland.


 we are only on the 2nd episode in the 1st season.

but it's so good.

one of those shows that completely locks you in for life and you feel like you'll die if you don't find out what happens next.

claire danes is outstanding.




omelet farts,