college days and my commercial.


a few of you asked to see college MFAMB.


here you go..


as you can see i have some long ass hair and REAL short bangs.

the guy on the far right that vaguely totally resembles the crypt keeper was my boyfriend.

the guy in the center smirking like its his job was our roommate and the cute girl with the short hair was his girlfriend.

the 2 girls in front- i have no memory of them.

but that monster stage right is hypnotizing us with it's arm of jewels.

you should know that not long after this picture was taken i cut that shit off and single-handedly brought back the dorothy hamill.

and now i realize i need to find pictures of that sickness.




here is a totally bootlegged copy of my lottery commercial.

there are 2 versions..





speaking of cats..


we had to put our dear old naggie to sleep this morning.

we picked her up as a stray off the side of the road 14 years ago.

she was called maggie for a while but that quickly turned into naggie because she was such a fussy little thing.

she kept to herself mostly but LOVED to be pet. 

she purred right up until the end.


RIP naggie.