this post has 3 sections..maybe guys are awesome + a big boy room + the potential to change the world...



let's just very quickly discuss the importance of this one privilege...


if you are one of the thousands who don't vote when you are not only an asshole you should not have the privelege of living in this country.

you should go live in space and get eaten by space bears.

if you want to know who i am voting for...well...that's more than likely a no brainer..

it's obama, fools.


and no, i don't want to hear how much you hate him or think he is the worst president ever.

that's your opinion...and frankly i don't give a shit about it and i don't expect you to give a shit about mine either..

what i WANT you to give a shit about is voting.

so go and do that please.



ok..moving on.

you guys are awesome in so many ways.

yesterday when i asked you to design a room around a greenish blue leather tufted chesterfield a few of you actually sent me moodboards.  that is some serious dedication to your hobby/me/job.


here are a few of my favorites..


lena sent me this black, brass, velvet and wood pretty.

i am for sure considering black walls.



and this one from lindsey..

also considering a close match to the sofa for the walls...but glossy.



and this one from katie..


my first thought was doing an eggplant color like this one...brinjal or kalamata olive..

and pairing it with lots of rich and luxurious neutrals.



brinjal walls with jewel my moodboard..


i am going to see this ridiculously cheap sofa tomorrow and will report back.


i believe once i see it/get it in the room i will have a much better idea of how to decorate around it.

because a blue/green leather sofa was never in my wheelhouse.


blue/green?  no.


and finally..


my lover MODG is moving her toddler into a big boy room and i designed it.


here is what it looked like before..



now run and go see the after.


and then come back here and praise me.

working for a pregnant lady through emails is hard.

but i would do it again.  


and finally--

AHS recap is slow going bc i got busy.

but it's coming..


and finally finally..

go vote.

like it's your job.



patriotic farts,