oh hey..

oops...sorry about no post yesterday..i blacked out for a spell.

and by blacked out i mean went into another dimension.

and by other dimension i mean, i started my period.


i also worked on a BIG ASS painting for an awesome designer lady and her awesome client.


here are the beginning stages of it..

i ran out of green which about sent me into an exorcism rage.


i also did NOT go see blue/green chesterfield.

mike said i can't get a new sofa (even if it's only 200 dollars) when we have a perfectly good sofa..

his words not mine.

because here's the deal-

the sofa is NOT perfectly good. 

it's perfectly falling apart.

the seat cushion has no cover (it shredded after the 5th washing) and the slipcover is starting to look nasty even after i wash it. and yes, it's relatively new. and proves the adage you get what you pay for. 

now sure..i can get a new slipcover (gag) or seat cushion cover in an almost the same fabric as the remaining slipcover...but probably not for 200 dollars. 

and probably not for leather.

just sayin.


and for the record mike thinks that painting is re-decorating and shouldn't be done with "perfectly good paint on the walls".   

and by 'perfectly good' he means paint that is almost 6 years old with finger stains and scuff marks.


but whatever..perfectly good. 




onto happier news..

you all know this rock star, right?

bailey mccarthy of peppermint bliss?

i knew you did.

i think she is secretly the princess of america.


she is married to pete and wears dresses like this:


she also birthed this:

that's grace and if i were a baby snatcher i would snatch that baby right up.

i think i love her specially bc she bears a striking resemblance to baby fiona.


see look..

that's brand new baby fiona.


here's 9 month old baby fiona:

try to pry your eyes off of that delicious baby and look at young mike..

i wonder if he's aware one day he will crush my leather sofa dreams...

anyway..don't you think she looks like gracie McC?


where were we?


we were here:


bailey has launched a home store in her home town- houston!


in this store she sells her own bedding designs named after some pretty awesome people.

one of them just so happens to be my fiona.

today on peppermint bliss she features the Fiona alongside a little interview with me...

go and look..

 it's pretty special.