i am an old lady and monday is my depends.

that could mean a few different things but to me it means i am taking a big fat dooper all over monday.


nothing worse than getting home from vacation sunday night only to wake up monday morning and find that you have no cream (almond milk) for your coffee.


i felt like screaming. 


well, new orleans was fun.

my bangs stayed straight on saturday but curled up something terrible on friday night after a mysterious fog rolled in.

only in new orleans.

and london.


new orleans is an awesome place.

it's like if new york, san fran, monte carlo and hell all had a baby and that baby acted like a baby all the time

and pooped and puked then threw it all over the floor and walls.

i actually almost stepped in neon pink chunky puke sunday morning.

it was awesome.


this wasn't my first trip to new orleans...maybe like my 5th?

 each time i see it differently.

i am there for different reasons usually and therefore just generally doing different things.

but each time i am there i am charmed enough to want to go back.

despite the chunky puke piles and distinct smell of paris circa the plague.




here are some (crappy) photos of our trip..



hello?  who's there?

your butt.



friday night we were invited to the rehearsal dinner which was at the napoleon house...


fun fact..

the napoleon house was supposedly intended to be a residence for napoleon after his exile.

not sure if this is entirely true but he apparently never made it cuz he, like, died.


in any case it is an amazing place.

it looks a lot like it did when it was built in the 1800's.

as in totally the same.

the walls inside are peeling away.

the outside is pretty ramshackle too.

and for this reason arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in new orleans.

i had a pimms cup inside and it. was. delicious. 


upstairs at the napoleon house.


the view from the balcony at the napoleon house.




the next day was the wedding which was in a private residence.


the man who owned the house was kinda old and kinda kooky.

he had some odd things around the house..

starting with that solid brass ship propeller.

it was brass from top to bottom.

as in the propeller itself and that chunk of brass it's sitting on.



heated pool.




the cottonmouth kings played..

please enjoy my "special" dance..



high heels are assholes.



i met a cat.

i spent most of my time with him.



mandy and her daddy.

brides are the prettiest.



a beautiful old live oak..

 when uploading this photo i noticed for the first time that there is a bead necklace hanging from one of the branches.

do you see it?




the next morning...(puke puddle morning)


we strolled the streets early...



met another cat.


they wash the streets and sidewalks every day in new orleans.

they must have missed the puke puddle though.




boots are a smart choice in new orleans.


we came across this artist down by the park and were like..duh..

bought one for fiona.

the cat eating the beignet.

the artist's name is cary chun lee and all he has is a facebook page.

the small cats were $65 and the large were $95.

we got a small...

(***updates as of 04/2013 the artist no longer offers these sizes at these price points)



go buy a few.

they are super adorbs.



have you ever had a praline?



mandy and lee had some as favors at their wedding and i want to get married again just so i can do this.

i may have taken more than my share mandy.




fart on monday all the way.