dining room design pickle.

 those four words have been haunting me for some time.

i have major furniture needs for this room to function properly.

i need storage.

and there are not a lot of options wall-wise to place furniture.

i need an armoire of some sort for important things that are ugly (printer, stereo + speakers, files, life stuff).

i need a buffet/credenza/sideboard for dining essentials and 4,000 cooking magazines.

i need a bar bc who doesn't?


so i ask you..

can these pieces of furniture co-exist? 


in this room with this eating situation?



the big armoire on craigslist is perfect size-wise.

as it is now it's a pale robin's egg blue which doesn't make me want to vomit too hard..

but it will certainly change.

i can live with it for now.

but how awesome will it be when i paint the inside an insane color?



i really love the mid century credenza. 

i really WANT a mid century credenza.

but can i rock a mid century credenza with a frenchy armoire?

yes i probably can but i will wait to hear from my smart design friends.


the white bar cart upper right is already mine but i kind of want to replace it with the beat up pine dresser on the bottom right.

i love a dresser outfitted as a bar.

so much extra storage too.


as an alternative i thought i could move the bar into another room and put some bookshelves there for all my cooking magazines and cookbooks.

the height from that might balance the height from the armoire.