this post brought to you by dining rooms and hitler bangs

it's probably not cool to put "hitler" in a blog post title. 

but it would have been worse if i had actually SHOWN you my hitler bangs, so now we all win. 



yesterday i shot video of me narrating my dining room.

in it i do stupid things to the camera like turn it on its side for no reason. 

i did not mean to do this and did not realize it would actually turn the image on its side when you view it.

i blame hitler.

he was the worst.


on monday i made the mistake of leading you all to believe that i have no idea what i am talking about when it comes to decorating.


that was dumb.


i know i can put a mid century credenza and a french country armoire together and it will look awesome.

it all has to do with creating a mood and going with it.

paint, fabric, hardware, lighting, rug....THAT is what will pull those 2 pieces together.



i gathered up some images of dining rooms that are working the look of mixing periods and styles rather well,  primarily bc there is a distinct mood to the room. 











here's some pertinent info that you might have missed or i might have failed to mention on monday about the dining room..

we use our dining room a lot.

for lots of things.

1. office.

2. we eat dinner here every single night.

3. dance marathons.

4. painting studio.

5. holiday dinners with family and friends.

6. coloring marathons.

we will soon be getting a tv for the space too so that we can watch wheel of fortune like old people while we eat. 


7. watching tv when we aren't watching tv in the living room.

(we like tv)


in other words this room is a key player in our lives.'s the video..

i am warning you now.  there is cursing and it is COMPLETELY ridiculous and unedited and if i had the time i would have shot at least 4 versions and decided on a much less 'short bus' version.

this version is the version i would have burned.

and i am sorry about the camera turning thing.

i was not thinking.

if you can make it through the whole thing you deserve a hug..