hippie words for this bag-of-dicks day


 as if someone could ever walk into a school and kill small beautiful innocent oblivious little baby children.


but someone did.

they did.




my friend amanda posted this on her own blog today...

her doula, a woman who brings perfect babies into this world, shared these words of wisdom with amanda when she was feeling terribly low...like all of us are right now...and i had to re-post them for you all to read too.


because i am having a hard time and i don't feel like it is going to get any easier any time soon.


 the following advice helped me the instant i read it.

read it.

do it.



It might be hard, but try to keep yourself out of the media fray with this. I know it feels insensitive, but it is not. You aren’t doing anything for any of the families or the world by following details; you’re just making yourself resonate in a way that channels pain, angst, and fear.

Remember that we are all vibrational—we vibrate on the frequencies of what we expose ourselves to. And then that vibration goes out into the shared world. Right now, there is a LOT of pain, angst, and most especially fear being spun out into the Universe, and into our collective consciousness (because we are ALL, every thing, more intimately connected than we may realize). The best thing you can do for the collective consciousness, our world’s heart, and our minds/souls is to resonate love, and your peace. So light a white candle for those who are hurting, including yourself… pray/meditate, acknowledging your fear and pain but then *releasing* it, and try to put yourself in a place firmly of being a prism of powerful GOOD and PEACE.

Especially when you’re in the midst of chaos, and when we’re surrounded by an echo chamber of folks who love to dive into pain and splash around in it until everyone in reach is all soaked (like FB, like the media), it’s not easy to distance yourself. I am careful where I click and watch, and I try to visualize, because it’s the easiest way for me to immediately change my own inner channel: I visualize the world around me as murky and discolored (to allow myself to acknowledge whatever it is that is wrong without indulging myself in visualizing specifics), and then myself in that world, still and glowing. And then I try to focus my visualization until I can see my own light intensify with whatever color message I want to put into it: in this case, peace, steadiness, love. And the glow spreads from my person to my surroundings until I’m slowly able to color and focus the area around me, more and more, until it’s powerfully lit, calm and clear. By banishing that murkiness in your visualization, and lighting yourself from inside, you are manifesting that.

ANY visualization that is taking you away from what the media is feeding you and putting you on a frequency of YOUR choosing will be helpful, to you and everyone else. YOU get to choose your vibration—you do not have to be held captive and add yourself to the victim toll, which is what mentally happens when you resonate with the all-too-abundant negativity surrounding chaos like this. Be thankful for your blessings, be prayerful of a good world, and then go create it. The more of us who can resonate like this, the more we are doing our part to help.

And, of course, it protects your family, who are immediately affected by your wavelength (and MOST especially our unborn children who are affected in a *most* intimate way).

It can be hard sometimes, but try to be at peace.



thank you amanda's doula.

and thank you amanda for sharing it with us.