merry fartmas



it's christmas present time!!!!



personally selected presents from me to one of you!






1. super natural everyday is my go-to detox/healhty recipe cookbook.

try the avocados and mustard seeds.  it won't let you down.

unless you hate avocados and mustard seeds.  then you'll probably barf.


2. gaelle organics soap supreme.  awesome soap that cleans your face without drying out your skin. 

it melts fairly easily though so keep it dry between usage.


3.  swell.  12 x 12 acrylic on canvas by me.

brightest pink orange balanced by sandy beige.


4.  kundalini yoga to detox and destress.  i swear by this one practice above all others in life.

you will love maya fiennes.

it is 45 minutes of pure relaxation with a small side order of sweat.

this practice has defined my arms more than tracy anderson.


5.  paule marrot guest towels- because everyone loves paule marrot things.


6. wen cleansing conditioner + intensive hair treatment.  ok i confess this was an extra that i had here at the house.  but i thought if you wanted to try it before you buy it that that would be kind of awesome.

here's a tip- use it every other shampoo. 

even if you only wash your hair once a week, still follow those instructions.

and follow the instructions on the label for how to use it. 


7. diptyque bais mini candle.  ok, this is the small one bc the big one is real 'spensive. 

and i think i got the last mini on amazon.  

 it smells really good. 

like carrie bradshaw's apartment.  

and rich people's houses.



if you want to win this super duper awesome gift, probably the best gift you'll receive this christmas..

all you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite curseword.

yep.  just a curseword, your name, AND A MOTHERFUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS!!!

please don't forget that part.

and do yourself a favor and write your email address like this..

tawonka AT gmail DOT com

or whatever your email is...

otherwise you are likely to get a shitload of spam and you don't want that.



i will choose a winner at random this thursday night to be announced friday morning.

and yes this is open to everyone in the world.

just don't expect it by christmas if you live outside the US.




merry fartmas everyone.