all i want for christmas is for damian lewis to open his mouth a little bit more when he talks..


the anne hathaway SNL skit wasn't kidding.

his mouth is small.





a bottle of this for which to pour all over my body...

i got a sample of it the other day and it smells so good. 

non-perfume-y subtle.  

i will take the bath oil and lotion too and if there's a candle i'll take that too.



and this..

it's time.


also my vacuum actually BLOWS dust out as it sucks dust up.






a marble pastry slab.

for when i make biscuits and pies on thanksgiving.

also probably the closest i'll ever actually get to marble in my kitchen.




the vacu vin wine saver.

 no explanation needed.

other than fresh wine is important.



and if you went to my shop yesterday looking for new paintings..

i am sorry.

yesterday it poured donkey rain balls all day and i couldn't get outside to take pics.

i will have them there this weekend for your half off shopping needs.