what day is it?




as if christmas weren't enough of a gut shanker...

fiona's birthday is on new year's eve.

so to say i am pooped at just about this time every year is an understatement.



the slumber party tent this year was just our camping tent with fiona's curtains slung over the top.


and a pink ikea lantern inside..



super easy and effective.



fiona inherited a dollhouse from a family friend and i painted it black with white trim.


inspired by..







plus it looks great on display in the house.


there is still the whole matter of the inside though.

 it's vintage so the shell has been gutted.

the decorating will take some time.

i need wallpaper scraps y'all.

send me some.


you guys, hot toddies are legit.

first of all i had never had a hot toddy before,

i am not a liquor drinker-

but i did some internet research and bulleit bourbon is not only smooth and vanilla-y, it's downright delicious!

i did some more internet research and combined a few recipes i found for hot toddies..


here's my recipe for the ultimate cold zapping mother fucker of a hot toddy..


 first draw an extremely hot bath (not organ boiling or skin melting but probably hot enough to redden your hiney)..

add 2 cups of epsom salts.

1 cup of baking soda.

1 tsp of powdered ginger (the kind you get in the spice isle).


while this is going down go and chop 1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger.

put it in a tea cup.

put 1 1/2 cups of water on to boil.

put one cold and flu season tea bag in your cup.

i use this kind- but you can use any tea you want. 

i just happened to have had it and it was at night so i didn't want any caffeine.

next add a generous pinch of red pepper flakes. 

you can use cayenne but the red pepper flakes are more mellow while still giving you the much needed heat.

next add a teaspoon or more to taste of RAW honey.

when the water has reached an almost boil add it to the cup.

then add your jigger of bourbon.

i used 2 teaspoons, but a jigger is about an ounce.

you can use more if you want ya filthy animal.

last step is to squeeze the juice of half a lemon in the cup.

now go sit in that hot bathtub for 40 minutes (adding more hot water as needed) while you sip that tea.


i am telling you..

just what the doctor (me) ordered.





see ya on the flerpity flerp florp.