i think my brain is frozen or maybe a part got cut out when my hair got a lobotomy


i don't even know what to call these things on my forehead.

i know my husband looks at me with a slight smirk..like, i told you so.

and i hate him for that.


i was not happy with them from the first second she cut them (she cut them too short) but then she styled me all up and i thought...well....that's better.....not great, but i can live with it.


but then the first hair wash rolled around and as i stood in the mirror all i could see was this:



basically unless i blow them dry and get out the straightening iron i look like lloyd up there.


the problem with that scenario is i am a night time showerer.


i realize this is not a big deal in the scheme of life.


but i AM going to a wedding this weekend and it would be nice to look pretty and not like

pepper's best friend....


2 peez in a pod.  derp.



speaking of pepper...


i have some sadness to share.

i am renouncing american horror story recaps.

i'm sorry. it's just too much.

writing a blog is supposed to be fun and joyous and when it comes to recaps there is nothing joyous or fun about them.

i dread them so hard.

they take days to do and i am not getting paid to do them so i can't justify the dread or the time lost that could be spent actually working and making money.

plus this time of year is busy times a million.


this decision didn't come easy.

 i DO feel bad for those of you who come here strictly for AHS recaps..but it's just too time consuming.

that really is the bottom line.

plus, i am simultaneously writing season 3 downton recaps and i can't have overlapping recaps.

my brain is melting and in an ironic twist i might end up in a place very similar to briarcliff.

at the end of the day i had to choose between downton and AHS.

and downton won.


i really am sorry!!! 



i am heading to new orleans on friday for a wedding.


regular programming will commence on monday.


and i will be announcing an awesome awesome giveway.

the BEST giveaway of all time.

bc this is not a sponsored giveaway..

this is a special giveaway that i have put together of some of my favorite things to give to one of you!


i can't wait to show you the loot!!