today is my birthday let's eat brownies


it really is my birthday today.

i am oldish.

not so old that i need adult diapers (maybe)

but not so young that i can wear bangs.


since today is my special day i pretend made us some brownies.



they are salted caramel brownies from pinterest.  


i never want anything more than i want brownies when i see pictures of brownies.




i pretend made them in my pretend perfect kitchen..


gaze upon my neat shelves and amazing hardware 



after we eat brownies for breakfast at my reg house lets all fly (my treat) to my pretend mountain house... 



my pretend mountain house is fucking huge and laid back with sheepskins and 3,000 pillows. 

 we will get high and ski.



late at night we will watch youtube tutorials on cutting our own bangs.

(here's a good one)



after which we all look like this..



sounds like the perfect birthday!



thanks for all the bang styling tips yesterday.

i have been doing them and they don't work.


but thanks's the thought that counts.

i still look like if pepper had sex with mama june , got pregnant and 17 months later had me.



i am signing off for a few days. 

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look out new orleans, here come honey boo boo bangs!