monday facts.


it's cold. real cold. 

not complaining...just stating the facts.



fiona is back in school after being out all last week.

which means if you are a client of mine waiting for painting updates..

you shall have them this week.



downton was 2 hours long last night.

the recapping part of my brain might explode.




pink living room updates...

here's what i have worked out so far:


i want this pink to be warm and subtle.

but still pink.

i want it to feel primarily traditional with minimal clean lines.


the room is small and it gets tons of light. 

the sofa is warm white.

getting 2 (really long) bolsters made with camel silk velvet with pink velvet trim, for the back of the sofa.

i want that west elm rug in every room in my house but i will settle for the living room.

i will fashion some art that is moody and dark. or maybe more color.

not sure yet.

there is a tall antique tea table that the lamp goes on that i am going to either paint or do something fun to.

there is also a mid century/asian-y chair and ottoman that i want to recover.

that is where i am stuck.

i am feeling olive green but not sure..

i need more pattern..but i am not sure which.



tell me what to do.