your questions and stuff

still floating on your cloud of love from yesterday.

i have lots of emails to read and thank you's to send.

it might take a few days,

but i will address all of your questions and gusts of lovewind personally.


i wanted to address a few of the more popular questions..

my art-

if you asked to commission a piece (thank you) i will email you personally with that info in a short bit.

if you asked to see some of my work...well..there still isn't any.

i have pretty much soley done commissioned pieces bc i haven't had the time to work on anything outside of those commissions.

so- if you want something specific (size, color etc) now is the time to ask for it.

otherwise i am going to get out some pieces as i am able that you can choose from.

many of you also expressed the importance of prints.

i need some more time to consider what that will entail.

in the meantime...

i WILL do a variety of smaller size canvases that are super affordable.

and i intend to do a lot of work on paper which will be very very super very affordable.

if time permits i do love the idea of cards.  or even a calendar.




where will you see my art?

as soon as i have art to sell i will put them on the minty site.


for those submitting design services..i will also email you all personally with all of the info you are looking for.

and it thank you. 


for those beautiful souls who sent monetary donations, i cannot thank you enough.

my family cannot thank you enough.

it helps us so much.


i wish for all of you the same feeling of warm hugs and love in your lifetime a million times over.

churches have intentions lists in their prayer round-up's..

rest assured each and every one of you are on my own personal intentions list.


really, i have your backs always.


thank you so much.