#1 beauty secret

let me first say that i in no way set out to discover a beauty secret and i never intended for my use of this product to garner beauty results.  

i used it soley as a digestive aid and to rid my body of gunk.

but let me tell you...

after about 3 months of solid daily use my skin changed.

no more zits.

straight up noticeable glow..

mike is the one who mentioned it to me.

saying..and i quote..

"wow..you look 10 years younger..i don't see one wrinkle and your skin is so clear it's glowing."


not just on my face, my body too.

i used to have bumpy skin on my right upper arm.




gone too.

(ok, don't hate me bc i never had much to begin with but i did have some on the upper arm area and my thighs if you squeezed hard) 

but that's gone too.

my hair is also shinier and more supple.

and i've lost weight.

now, the verdict is still out about this being the cause of the weight loss..

simply bc i am still trying to get to the bottom of my health issues not being the cause of that.

but all literature on this product states that people have lost weight while using it.

so it's not a totally crazy notion.



what am i talking about??






look at all the charms it recieved....



i drink 1 to 2 glasses of water a day that i have added up to 2 tbsp. of bragg's raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar.

usually it's just 1 glass.

but i have had 2 depending on how my tummy is doing.

and i may have even had 3 in the past when i was really suffering with tummy troubles.

some of you might complain about the taste.

in my opinion it tastes kind of good... in a vinegary way.

in other words if you think vinegar in general is nasty...

then i suggest you make friends with your cellulite and zitty old lady skin.

some people put a little honey in with their water and vinegar.

if this makes it taste better to you then go for it.

the truth is it DOES taste strong at first.

but you get used to it and actually kind of crave it after a while.

i did.


still there are apple cider vinegar pills.

i have no experience with them so i can't say that they do the same thing.

but it's worth a shot if you just can't stomach the vinegar.

i think the key to it anyway is the FREQUENCY.

 as in every single day.

1 to 2 glasses a day.


i mean 1 glass a week or "when you remember" prob won't do the trick.

and it took around 2 months to see results.

the weight loss got a jump start with that stomach virus back in november.

but it hasn't come back and i've actually lost an additional 3 lbs since then.

again, not sure if the weight loss isn't due to something else.




this post is long.




to sum up..

apple cider vinegar = j lo skin.




i wanted to ask you all how you felt about something that i THINK i might want to do.


as you may remember this monday is my biopsy.

i was thinking about documenting it.

as in videotaping it for you all to see.

no, i will not show you my beaver.

just the professional side of things.


is this a good idea or am i high on vinegar?