downton abbey stars


 would you hit it? 


i'd pretty much hit all of it... 



ethel/amy nuttal:

please...she's pretty much begging for it.



molesley/kevin doyle:

eh..yeah..may as well hit it.



bates/brendan coyle:

hit it hit it hit it.



mrs. patmore/lesley nicol: 

 i'd hump it's leg if it made me cake.



lady mary/michelle dockery:

 repeated hits.



 lavinia/zoe boyle:

heck yeah. i'd hurt it.



 branson/allen leech:

for sure hitting it. 



daisy/sophia mcshera:

look how bad it wants it on the yes.   hit it. 



mr. carson/jim carter:

 you might be surprised to hear me say... HIT IT!!!!



matthew/dan stevens:

 oh i would hit it alright.  with my fist in its throat.



edith/laura carmichael:

hit it followed by a donkey punch.



sybil/jessica brown findlay: 

i have already hit this several times in my mind.





cousin isobel/penelope wilton:

no. good god. no.





i would have hit it 100 years ago. 



lady grantham/elizabeth mcgovern: 

hmm...on the one hand, no.

on the other hand, yes.



mrs. hughes/phyllis logan:

i would hit it hard and with pride. 



william/thomas howes: 

yeah, sure. i'd let him knock the kinks out.



lord grantham/hugh bonneville:


i would destroy it.




anna/joanne froggatt:




dr. clarkson/david robb: 

 dad sex.

still, i'd let him oil rig me.



thomas/rob james-collier:

hate fuck.




o'brien/siobhan finneran:  

 i'd hit it but i would cry. 



dowager countess/maggie smith:

no. absolutely not. 



i'd have tapped it into next tuesday back in the day.



thanks to sara for sending me the article that inspired me to do this dumb post.

even though i am sure you never meant for any of this to happen.


congrats sara you get a shiny new NOTHING.



happy downton day!


if you're smart you'll follow patton oswalt on twitter while he live tweets downton abbey.

real funny.