this might be the worst post you'll ever read. at the very least feast your eyes on the shittiest pictures you've ever seen.

 i never intended to paint my closet.

i just wanted it clean.

it was a disaster and more than likely so bc i share it with mike.

and it's 4 x 6.

that's less than 3.5 feet per person.

and this is so not a fancy closet reveal like bailey's or jenna lyons's.

this is a closet full of elfa.

and plastic shoe storage.

but i did paint it and throw down a good looking sisal rug.

i had paint left over that i had intended for fiona's room, benjamin moore ocean spray.

which is darker and blue-er than when nick olsen used it.


my ocean spray:

 with all the shit that an iphone can do (like a person named siri inside your phone answering questions) you would think that taking decent pictures would be at the top of the list of awesome qualities.



nick olsen's ocean spray:



it's wasn't the right color for fiona's room but it's a perfect fit for my our closet.


let's go back to the beginning.


shit be everywhere...

yes mike had his clothes on metro shelving.



now that metro shelving holds all paints and painting accoutrements..

you have no idea how much this delights me.



unloved decor should not be in your closet.

nor should bins of baby clothes intended for goodwill.



first rule of closet club:

 shit that doesn't involve getting dressed should not be in the closet.





second rule of closet club:

shit you haven't worn for an entire year should be sent to goodwill.




a highboy was brought in for mike's clothes.

it will be painted at some point.

probably glossy black.



narrowing down to just the basics and frequently worn brings us to 

third rule of closet club:

cleaning out your closet means buying new basics and favorites.





and finally and most importantly..

fourth rule of closet club..

cleaning out your closet means you have more..

for lots of new basics and favorites!!


 there are still things to be done from a decorative standpoint..

like a light fixture.

(mike just rolled his eyes and checked his blood pressure)

i found a little pendant shade on craigslist for 20 bucks that i am inquiring about:


and baskets..

i am obsessed with these and i cannot find them anywhere:

the round honeycomb basket..

i have looked in lots of basket-centric places..


if u have any idea where i might find them please let me know.


in any case the closet needs more zshushing.


once it is properly zsushed i will take better pictures and present them to you.


like a blog boss should.



today..FINALLY...i am going to pick up fiona's desk.

which means i am about 1 or 2 steps away from wrapping her room up completely.


happy days.

 have a glorious weekend and try not to choke to death on the pollen.