lucite table queries..and other shit.

hey sluts.

sorry fot the L.O.P yesterday but i was painting and antique shopping.


this is what i considered:

extremely cute table.

no place for him.


he was perfectly black and white with a little pink nose . extraordinarily shiny.

he would have been perfect in christine's house.


i intend to go back for this guy.

thick and resiny and yummy next to my leather oly bench.


i really wanted owl for fiona's room. 

and i may get him. 



these cats!!

fiona is obsessed with cats.

can she have an owl and the cats?

or is that too menagerie-ish?


but my hands down favorite were these weirdos:

it's TWO green falcor's!!!

sort of.

i'm sure they weren't meant to look like falcor.

and they were 500 bucks so it's not like it matters.

but man, they were huge and i loved their color and their falcor-ki-ness.

(if you have to ask who falcor is go and punch your spleen)



i escaped with a small, wooden slightly chinese-y table for fiona's room for which to place books at bedtime.

can also be used as a stool.

sorry no pic.

 i am going to paint it yves klein blue.




lots of you asked about my little lucite table.

and rather than email all of you individually...

here's the deal on that..


the shipping on the table will be about 200-250.  

now, that's a guess but based on several recent minty ships that's about right.

so you're looking at about $375 total.'s not in great condition.

not bad by any means, but not perfect.

it's vintage! 

there are no deep scratches or anything..

it's just lost a bit of it's luster.

nothing that a little lucite/plastic polish can't fix, i'm sure.

and it has a slight sag in the middle.

dimensions: 43 x 15..16H




 i think those little marks are inside the acryllic...just naturally occuring ripple things.




so if you emailed me yesterday and are STILL interested please email me again and say STILL interested.


and if you have better shipping ideas please let me know.

but know this..

i am not going to lug this m-fucker around until i find the best shipping quote.


alright then..

happy friday and all that.