my kid makes lists..

watch tv (CHECK! her priorities are clearly in order)

read, bookstore! (good idea. better than #1)

get tap meshur

(in kid spelling that was- 'get tape measure' but i am unclear on what she needed to measure)

eat lunch (yes. important.)

meet at work (meet who?! work?! what?!)

school! (at least she's excited about it or maybe that's 'school!' like...grrr!!!)

fix leak! (perhaps this is what she needed the tap meshur for?)

clean house ( if)

buy a toy (with her job money i guess)

park! (obvious choice)

eat dinner (yes. a kale salad please)

vampire (???!)

prepare for tornado! (woah. yes. good thinking)

go home and have fun! (yes. always.)



for some reason today i missed her more than usual.

that happens from time to time while she's at school.

and i cry a little inside for slipping time and curse it.

i saw this on the table and almost picked it up and closed it.

having maybe never seen it at all.


it made me laugh out loud.


my girl is quirky and odd.

inside a such a pretty package.