the home stretch

it's almost there...really and truly. 


fiona's room..

still waiting on the dadblern bedskirt.

and curtains.

and painting the desk.

i have the paint, just not the time.


here's a refresher..

art has been an issue.

i decided on this poster bc i LOVE it and fiona is obsessed with cats..

so that's a win in my book...

the dark blue against the lavender walls is what sealed the deal for me.

as of now she has one of my BIG pieces of art in there, which i like fine but it's not ideal..

this poster will not replace the art..

but rather go on the other side of the window from it.

i need more.


the issue i am having is on her bed wall..

what to do?


i like the symmetry of the art in this room.


fact: i need to break up the expanse of purple on the wall.


i love the tying in of flowers with the lamps and art.

i had thought to do similarly with a flowery theme to tie in the flower explosion that is the headboard.



i love naomi's simple, modern marilyn photo.


this too.

love all that ornate tradition with the modern lamp and art and the modern take on the toile.

this is the direction i am leaning toward most.




this's all good.

except for that pendant shade.

barf my face off.

and the lamps don't work for me either.

but the simple, personal art is nice.


what. to. do?


fact 2: we have really high ceilings so that has to be considered. 


and a final word on posters..

i love them.

they are cheap and colorful and graphic and awesome for a kids space.


here are some that i love that you can love now too..
























there are thousands more.

check out the vintage section here.



thanks for being my friends.