i've been dreaming of my dream house.

it seems sometimes like it will always be just a dream.

luckily pinterest is helping me to dream hard.

and what i mean by that is that i am dreaming well beyond my means.


we are renters.

lots of people i know are in situations where they wish they were renting instead of owning. 

bc the value of their house right now is like half or less than what they paid for.

so renting has its benefits.

but it also has its non-benefit suckness.



not responsible when shit goes wrong.

you get to make a phone call and say things like..

hey doucher, get your stinky ass over here and fix my toilet.

(i don't ever say that).


non benefit:

living with tiffany "inspired" ceiling fan/lighting combos.

oh yes.  i do.



don't have to worry about the house's value and/or the market.

who cares?!  you rent!!


non benefit:

you are essentially throwing money down the drain of your (not yours) 80's style country kitchen.


so as i sit here without worry in my (almost totally) cute rental house smelling airplane fumes...

i still dream about my one day house.


i go back and forth about what i want..

a fixer upper?

or building from the ground up?


truth be told..i really wanna build my own house!!

i want full control over every single aspect.

i want to build a house based on the way we live.

i have the inside pretty well mapped out...

i want a small-ish kitchen, but i want it to open on one end out onto a patio type situation.

i want 2 outbuildings..1 that i can paint in but it needs to have a bed for a guest and a bathroom..

sort of like this:

(i know i post this all the time- bc i love it!)

or this:

yes, essentially i want a barn.


the other, smaller, like a shed, for mike's office..

like this:

sheds everywhere have hard-ons right now.


we both work from home so it's essential that we have spaces to do this in that don't feel like a part of the main house.

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

blah blah..blah.

i could go on all day about the inside..

but what i still don't know is what the outside looks like.

 i am confused in this area.

i love many types of homes.

old, modern, dark, white, stone, wood, brick, barn...


here are some homes i love longtime...


but if i'm being honest it's too big for me.

i really don't want all that space (to clean).

but inspiration wise i LOVE the balconies and i LOVE the privacy the greenery gives.


fiona has one request in our one day house..

and that is that it has an upstairs.


yes,  the house is amazing.

but what i love most is the yard.

i need a sweeping lawn.

a laaawwwwwwn.


again with the yard.

a mowing nightmare, but still.



this seems like too many stairs to climb but i LOVE the colors and the shutters that open and close.



i think this is windsor smith's house..

when i first saw this house i think i shit my pants.

i am way down with a black house and white trim.



but i LOVE this white white house with it's orange door and cool numbers.


see what i mean?



i think this is everyone's favorite, right?

i think it might be perfect.



i'm not so sure about the trampoline hanging over the patio, but i love that surfer cottage look too.





i am more confused now than when i started this post.

in fact- FUCK THIS POST!

i hate it and i hate it's assfaaace!!!!!!



in fact don't anyone even comment on this post bc it's so lame.


but if you're an architect please comment and tell me what you do when people like me don't know what the fuck they want in life.