mansion updates

 hey butterbutts!

i drove 6 hours to be a decorator this weekend.

it was fun.

the mansion in mobile was getting it's biscuit buttered with some serioulsy gorgeous paint..



some of you said this dark aubergine would "loom" over us all..

let me assure you it most certainly does NOT loom.

it might be the prettiest paint color i have seen in a coon's age.

and as i suspected, the ginormous widows and detailed millwork lessen the darkness and loominess.

and the minty green ceiling helps too.




that is a maybe too small stark antelope on the floor.

brinjal, however, is the boss of paint colors.




furniture is still being considered.



next up in the mansion decorating process is the master bedroom.

here's the thinking..


it needs some lighting sparkle and a few other realities..

but it's definitely on it's way to being fully buttered.



it's fi's spring break which means i am essentially a mom 24/7.

which also means i am going to be posting sporadically if at all..

i wil try to fart out a garden update or something.