talkin bout real important issues...

 hey err'body..

i hope the weekend brought you much rest and relaxation.

i got kicked in the back by a donkey.

not really, but that's what it feels like.

is there such a thing as 4,000 mg of ibuprofen?



that's what my husband likes to tell me.

i like to envision a donkey kicking him in the face.

oops.  getting off track.



here we have 3 mood board entries for client consideration..


the specifics:

me: how would you describe your style?

her: classic, vintage, modern, rustic/earthy with a little bit of ethnic for a collected and timeless look.



my goal is always to offer up 3 very different versions of whatever the client asks for.

luckily this client likes pretty much the same thing i like.

so it was easy to create 3 different looks.


a few of this particular entry/foyer's specifics...

it's small.

with odd angles and crooked nooks.

the door opens up and your view is a staircase going down.

to the left is the dining room and to the right is a wall with the crooked nook and a closet door..


in each board the chair and mirror go in the crooked nook.

the console goes in front of the stair rail and the chest goes on the dining room side wall (left of door as you enter)



version 1: 




version 2:




 version 3:


all pretty different but all offering the classic, vintage, modern, rustic/earthy vibe...




which is your favorite?


wanna order up your own set of mood boards?


email me immediately.