well well, here we all are.


hope everyone is recovering from their reesey egg coma.


i had a record breaking ONE reesey egg this year.

fiona had a record breaking ZERO reesey egg this year.

mainly because she is under the weather, specifically a nasty cough.

she is otherwise fine but this cough sounds like grade A bubonic plague with a side of Contagion.

we have a rule around here of no sugar or dairy til you're better.

it seems to lessen the duration of any sickness, so we adhere to it.



all of this means that she is home from school and i am playing nurse/mom.


what does that mean for you?

well, if you have a painting waiting to be shipped to your ass...forget about it.

if you have a painting to be painted...forget about it.

if you wanted to see fiona's room progress...go fuck yourself.

just fuck us all in the rectum because when a kid is home sick nothing gets done.


so here's your homework for tonight..

go to your prayer corner and start ordering up some one on one with jesus.

he is risen (side eye) so it should be fine.

and ask that he make fiona better so that i can get some shit done.


this guy is doing it...


this cat is eyeballing a treat and not even thinking about jesus or ME.