saying nice things without compromising my inner asshole.

i wanted to take this opportunity to give the rue girls and their efforts some golf claps.


in rue issues past i have silenced my bitchmouth over ill chosen photos.

weirdly cropped angles.

strange and not so cute houses.

 editorials featuring young people in the middle of nowhere drinking tea.


but while flipping through this month's issue i noticed some changes.

#1..and most importantly...the picture selection was better.

in terms of specific style and taste, well...that is primarily to each his own..and i can't really complain too too much if i don't like a particular style of decor. (hahahaha just kidding)

but at least if you are going to feature styles that i don't like you ought to have the most amazing photo possible of said decor.

bc 9 times out of 10 it's all about the shot anyway.

a shitballs room can look 50 times better if it's photographed well.

and vice versa.


i can honestly say that there were only a few interiors that i truly loved in this issue..

but there were shots of interiors that i didn't care for so much that made me look twice bc of the photography.

so...well done girls.




here are my best...


cass lavalle's place was pretty inspiring.

i love it.

it's small and lovely and well edited and it doesn't make my eyes bleed.



she has good taste.



i enjoy this little spot of happiness.


and look friends...

it's valorie!


she inspires..



and she can mix pattern like a boss.



also liked...



just awesome.



i appreciate the balls it took to do this, but it would make my eyes bleed after about a minute in there.




so pretty.



good job rue.

keep it up.