50 shades of mantels

i don't even know what that means!!

but i think it means i get slutty over a good mantelscape.

or it means i love to scape a mantel.

but the word scape is the dumbest so let's not ever use it again.


if you're like me you like to sca change the decor and perspective of surfaces in your home all the time.

ok maybe scape is a useful word afterall.


mantels are my favorite things to scape.


here are a few of my very favorite mantels:


 a good scape is like art.

a good scape needs balance and composition.







i love shells and coral!

i love them so hard.

i think they are beautiful and i don't care if i don't live by the ocean.

my bedroom mantel is teeming with coral and shells and coralshells.



i also love propped art. 

it says...look at me..i don't give a fuck about your art hanging rules.

i prop my art bitch!



and i am considering something meaningful in a lucite box.

because that's pretty cool too.



other notable surfaces for artistic scaping..



bedside tables.


entry tables.





the nook.



i want to thank you for coming out and admitting you are all lunatics.

i knew you would all have my back.

i have ordered endorphinate and i can't wait to try it.

i will keep you posted.

i feel better every day about moving forward.


and thankfully i have a husband who keeps me laughing:



images via pinterest