memorial day on the estate...



isn't that what memorial day is supposed to look like?

i think so.

cold, stiff drinks.

red, white and blue.

games on the lawn.


my memorial day doesn't.

but that's beside the point.



endorphinate came in the mail today.

i took one and felt like i got a caffeine enema followed by an 8-ball facial followed by a pulp fiction-style adrenaline shot followed by a serious case of the sleeps.

not sure what it all means.

but i THINK it's maybe where you wanna be on memorial day.




in other news on a monday where no one is reading blogs...


fiona's room WILL be photographed BY A PROFESSIONAL this week.


i've started oil pulling again. 


and fiona has mastered the hula hoop..


watch it or i will punch you..


it kinda doesn't get any more memorial day than that.


mood board supplies:

sofa- vintage (check craigslist for ficks reed or rattan)

elephant- serena and lily

lantern- julian chichester

gingham pillow- etsy

chair- vintage

rattan coffee table- serena and lily

lobster pillow- furbish

rug- the rug loft

beverage bowl- serena and lily

red metal side table- nathan turner

vintage game- one kings lane

chest- vintage one kings lane

red, white and blue glasses- vintage one kings lane.